03 February, 2010

Me wants Kivio!

Hi all,

This is just a quick "anyone up to it?" question: about 6 months ago Sven blogged about the state of Kivio. It consists currently of about 223 lines of code and is working, but a few crucial things are missing like stencil support.

I used to use Kivio in the KOffice 1.x days and liked its simplicity (but missed the lack of stencil sets). Now someone even offered to create stencil sets - however, currently Kivio can't even load them. The topic of Kivio just came up on the dutch Mandrivaclub forum, which reminded me I wanted to write about it...

As Kivio is a potentially great tool for office workers but also for many FOSS teams, I was hoping that by bringing this app to the attention someone might be interested in picking it up... Currently Kivio in SVN hasn't seen (human) activity in over 6 months which means it is open for anyone to take charge...

So, anyone feels up to the challenge? Considering the size of the codebase and the support you can expect from the KOffice people, I can guarantee you'll have fun and you'll make a difference. And I will trow in some beer, or whatever beverage has your preference.

Edit: How to get involved in writing that app? Short: announce you want to help on Kivio on the koffice-devel mailinglist.
Announce you want to help on Kivio on the koffice-devel mailinglist.
Set up a KDE development environment (techbase.kde.org)
check out the code of Kivio from svn (http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/koffice/kivio/, find out how to use svn on techbase.kde.org (here)
get crackin' ;-)