09 March, 2010

still alive

Hi all!

Been a while since I blogged, and I'll continue on that topic in a few days. I promise.

Meanwhile I've got an excuse for being rather quiet. I've moved to Utrecht, where I now live with two long-time friends in a rather nice place. A big step forward in many ways, from the good company to the much more comfortable house.

I'll give you two pics of both ppl dumb enough to sign for living with me. Ask the bloody german how much fun that is - he experienced me for a full week at Camp KDE. Aaah well. Everyone's crazy, and it's more fun that way.

We discovered several interesting things about each other. For one, we cook differently. So I have an interesting culinary experience every day. And J has a tick which makes him clean up the living room. No problem, that's for sure. Doesn't extend to the other rooms, however, so we'll still have to come up with a deal about those.

Oh, and slightly higher on the weirdness scale: we differ in how we handle toilet paper. J wants it on the floor (but moves it around randomly), N on the cistern and I like it - well, where it belongs... J also has a tendency to get a new roll as soon as he's about 90% finished with the previous one. As I said, weird is fun.

Then there's beer. N likes Leffe but can't afford it. I like Jupiler and can pay for it. J insists on Euroshopper. The cheapest pilzner from the largest dutch supermarket chain. Weird is good, riiiight.

Anyways. Enough rambling. I'll treat you on a pic of myself and finish this.


  1. I hope that when you came up with this title, you were thinking of the Portal (videogame) credits song (youtube it).


  2. I didn't know they made generic beer. :)

  3. @Ian yes, the stuff is actually called 'beer' (in dutch, that is, so 'bier')


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