27 March, 2010

Credit where credit is due - FAIL!

Hi all,

A little while the release party article went live on the dot. Just today, shame on me, I realized two ommissions in there... First of all, we had our Brazillian friend Sandro Andrade make these great folders for the release parties. Second of all, Jure Repinc started, like last year, the organization but due to him being busy it was taken over by Jussi Schultink who worked on the wiki pages and pushed ppl into party mode.

Sandro's cool party folder

Of course then the community took it on to actually organize these parties - but Sandro, Jure and Jussi should have received the proper credit for their work in the release party article. Without them, I doubt we would have a record-breaking over-thirty release parties with hundreds of KDE fans around the world! Jussi's own party in Cafe Bisketti (finland) didn't even make it into the dot article... Actually, now I come to think of it, the one by Jure in Slovenia wasn't mentioned either... OK, with so many I couldn't mention them all but I feel more and more silly now.

Pic from Jussi's party

So, let me try to make up for this:

Sandro Andrade: YOU ROCK!

Jure Repic: YOU ROCK!

Jussi Schultink: YOU ROCK!

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  1. Wow, thanks Jos!

    This kinda thing only serves to inspire and motivate me. :) Ill see you around on IRC and hopefully we can find more things Im interested in helping with! :)


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