11 January, 2010

Who is KDE (once more with feeling)

A while ago I expressed my appreciation for all the cool blogs out there. And my sadness when it comes to my limited language knowledge - lots of interesting KDE writers and even whole communities out there I can't understand at all.

One thing which came out of that is that there seems a need for a userplanet.kde.org site. If anyone with a little php skills (but mostly time) feels like setting it up - please let me know. We can just modify planet.kde.org slightly and copy it...

Another thing which came out of this is an email from Anselmo pointing me to what is going on on a few spanish blogs and sites. Unfortunately I need google translate to read them but it's still very much worth a look.

* Espacio KDE - google translate. This one is written by a guy in Mexico. It's a lovely Oxygen themed site with excellent content, the latest article is about Marble. The article about KCM touchpad was new to me, and I'm really looking forward to this in the default KDE SC installation. I'd sure love a bit more info about it ;-)

* KDE blog - google translate - from Spain, not in Latin America. Good content according to Anselmo and indeed, it is. The latest post is about video's from youtube about KDE software, pointing to this wonderful little gem. Maybe I should discourage you all from watching as it is timeconsuming (I do like the ksnapshot one as I use that tool quite often);-)

Let me further quote Anselmo:

There is a new group in Chile (their websiteisn't ready yet) and in Argentina (google translate), people are reorganizing the community. And for a better integration, a mailing list was created for the whole latin american KDE community (kde-latam).

Here in Brazil, besides the developers you may already know, guys from KDE-MG (MG = Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state) and KDE-BA (BA = Bahia, another state) are doing a great work in promotion.

Combine this with the recent Latinoware conference in Brazil, which had a visit from some KDE people who came away incredibly impressed - it seems the center of gravity is shifting ;-)

The plasma team is already experiencing this, as they have a few very active Brazillians on the team. And promo is being infiltrated as we speak ;-)

As usual, this blog isn't only to make you all spend more time on the web but of course I want to invite anyone who has some spare time to help out. Either by helping to set up userplanet.kde.org or contribute time and ideas to get us all closer to each other - no matter what language we speak or what continent we live in!