15 January, 2010

Just before Camp KDE 1

As promised (but a bit late) here's one more blog about thursday (prepare-for-conference-day1)

As I said we went to the venue for the Camp KDE conference yesterday, and below an image of the room & Jeff & the local guy organizing it (sorry, forgot his name):
Van Camp KDE 2010

Upstairs are these computer screend with a camara which tracks sound. I was making the click sound with my fingers to make it focus me instead of jeff (who was talking). Weird thing. You can let it make a picture of you and put it on the web by moving your hand into a square it projects over your image... Which I promptly did, of course. Privacy be screwed!
Van Camp KDE 2010

And below the trunk of the car after we went for shopping. Rest assured we'll take good care of all ya visitors to Camp :D
Van Camp KDE 2010

Today Frank and me were up early and went shopping. We've just returned from "Ralph's" and are being geeky. Weather is good, as the picture below probably makes clear (check the cool sunglasses)!
Van Camp KDE 2010

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