14 January, 2010

USA-yihaaa again

Apart from the customs delaying me enough to let me miss my next flight (I had almost 3 hours transfer time, damnit!), the USA's been treating me well. The usual very nice people - somebody pointing me to the right gate, lady at the gate putting me on top of the list of ppl to get spare seats in the next flight to San Diego, and then a taxi driver showing me around. I know, there are all these horrible things when it comes to the USA, from them choosing Bush up to 4 times, the (anti) terrorism stuff, the bombing of people pretty much all around the world. Environment. Politics. Yeah yeah. But they're nice people! Really, in person, I like 'em. At least in California I do...

Beach at night

So after traveling and working in the plane on some feature guide stuff I arrived at Banana Bungalows in San Diego. Well heck. The organizing team did it again - like in Jamaica, this place is pretty much ON the beach... And it's really a surfers dream (of course I don't give a sh*t about surfing - like any sport it can't rattle me for a sec). But a nice room for a decent price, in a good spot, I can appreciate that. Looking forward to seeing the university where we'll work!

At night (ok, it felt like night but it was like 18:00) I went for a stroll, then came back to the hotel for my laptop and went out for dinner. Yes, with my lappy, I didn't expect the service to be that fast...

I went to a place which calls itself "World Famous". Seriously. Not sure if they are (well, they probably have a website...) but they made me wanna support greenpeace. Provided Greenpeace wants to protect the sharks. I do, to preserve that taste for future generations... It's bloody well worth it. Tastes a bit like a combination of fish and mamal, a very smooth, soft kind of meat. Really nice. They had a kind of sweet sauce with it, which I didn't particularly like, and I decided to keep to the seasoning.


Anyway, those visiting Camp KDE and staying at Banana bungalow - go to the beach, walk left and you'll see it at your left hand. Isn't far, but it's pretty good :D

Of course it has the usual (in the US) nice service and the beer... well, I haven't slept in 20 hours and the last time I DID sleep it was pretty short so you can imagine I can't say much about that. Especially because while I ordered a lager they gave me a white beer. Probably a good idea considering my condition.

Anywayzz. I'm off to bed, just a few things to finish and commit and it's g'night all and see ya soon!

Oh check Camp KDE 2010 for my images ;-) I'll upload them every now and then. Wireless here ain't fast but I'll try at least :D

Edit: in the morning it ain't very warm but as you see it looks OK out here ;-)

Beach at early morning ;-)