25 January, 2010

Last days at Camp KDE 2010

Now everyone is gone, I'm the lone wolf here in San Diego. Still working on a couple of loose ends, including the final article (which is next on my todo, after I've done this blog and done some stuff for Qualcomm as we promised during our meeting).

I knew the esp the first to articles were long and booooring - al talks, little fun. This time I'll do better, I promise.

You can expect an epic tale of hackers risking their lifes to get to the university while the streets were flooded, only to arrive in a place threatened by two dragons and a few too-cute babies. And more flooding. If it wasn't for the good care of Jeff we'd have been without beer, snacks and wifi...

So expect an article tomorrow around this time on the dot.

Meanwhile I'm uploading my final pics to Picasa:
Camp KDE 2010

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