18 June, 2012

This weekend: pizza and beta at my place!

Hi all!

In the spirit of a delayed release and extremely interesting discussions on where openSUSE is going, I'm organizing a BetaPizzaParty at our place in Berlin. It'll be all about eating pizza while testing openSUSE 12.2 Beta 2 and gossiping about what openSUSE is up to lately.

If you want to be there, just say so in the comments ;-)

We'll order pizza (or might make some of our own, I haven't decided yet). And I have some Old Toad left, if you're interested - or we can get some more beer in my walk-in fridge downstairs.

If you don't live close enough by Berlin but want a BetaPizzaParty, see if there is one close to you or organize your own.

And remember - even if you haven't completely understood yet that openSUSE is the coolest Linux distro, you're welcome to join in the celebration, pizza-eating and drinking.

Looking forward to some fun, cu there!

Edit: oh, on a related note, in my enthusiasm I forgot to mention place and date. So let me fix that:
  • where: Eldenaerstr 28A, Friedrichshain
  • When: Saturday, from 17:00 until we're wasted and pass out.

Edit 2: those at QtContributorSummit are more than welcome to come by earlier on Saturday - check out the place, give us a hug, see popcorn, all that ;-)

edit 3: see here: there's a party BEFORE the party at OstKreuz!


  1. You've old toad too ? :-)
    Have fun, I will be on a ferry crossing adriatic sea at that time.

  2. damn, if I only had time. I live in walking distance ;)

  3. count in 3.5 people from Prague.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bon apetit!
    And good test!!

    We will waiting some pictures of the event!! :D



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