22 June, 2012

Festa Junina before the BetaPizzaParty?

Lennart "I'm Awesome" Poettering just told us there's Festa Junina going on in Berlin tomorrow. I plan to go there and be back around 5-ish (when the BetaPizzaThing at my place starts).

So if you live in Berlin you're at Ostkreuz around 14:00 and at my place at 17:00 - that's 2 stops with the S-Bahn, to Storkower Strasse, then a short walk to the Eldenaerstrasse: left out the station (seen from the direction you just came, the side of Kaufland); walk to Sconto and go past it, cross then follow the road with a turn to the right. At the next lights you see my walk-in fridge (night shop) and above that I live, nr 28. Hit the bell and I'll let you in (if you know the secret password of course).

Come and have fun ;-)