20 June, 2012

Party and Beta

For those organizing something for the openSUSE 12.2 Beta Pizza testing, there is a nice poster you can use! Made by Jürgen Weigert with some help from fellow Geeko's in the NUE office, the source is in Github and you can use it for your own Pizza and Beta event! click here to go to our artwork github repo.

On a related note, the top-ten contributors to openSUSE 12.2 since Beta 1 are:
  • Dirk Mueller
  • Stephan Kulow
  • Marguerite Su
  • Marcus Schäfer
  • Takashi Iwai
  • Ciaran Farrell
  • Stefan Dirsch
  • Dominique Leuenberger
  • Todd rme
  • Graham Anderson

Great work all ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Hi !!

    XD XD XD XD lol

    I like the Geeko very much !!! XD...

    bon appetit !!

    And thank's to all staff!


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