08 September, 2011

So, how useful was it?

A while ago I blogged, asking if the materials we provided on the openSUSE wiki for speakers at oSC was useful.

What stuff?

As a reminder, the materials I'm talking about included:
And I also wanted to write an article on how to organize a Hack session/Developer Sprint but that's on ice for now.

I used a web poll for people to answer and you can see the results in the poll below.

Free Web Poll

Unfortunately, right now, only 9 people answered. Only 3 of them read it and considered it useful information but didn't use it for the openSUSE conference, 4 of them didn't notice it (while 2 would have liked to see it) and 2 people saw it but didn't need it.

So, does that mean I should stop to spend my time on such things, or does it mean people didn't see my blog or didn't bother to answer?

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  1. Hey Jos,

    I believe that this was not a waste of time. My experience is that many may read and use the information you posted, but not take the time to fill out the survey. The reason could be that they do not like surveys and unfortunately see no use for them :-(, but also these articles refer to preparation and a speaker might not know whether these things have helped them or not until after they have made their presentation. A survey after the workshops and presentations might yield a different outcome ;-)


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