10 September, 2011

Cheese at oSC

When I traveled to Taipei I discovered something truly painful: there is no cheese in Taiwan.

Mc Donalds

Of course I had noticed none of the (great!) dishes featured cheese and of course I had grown a bit weary by the cheeslessness. But when I asked my new friends about the lack of cheese, and their response was "Cheese? Oh, yeah, that's the stuff Mc Donalds puts on a hamburger, isn't it?" I truly cringed.


I can live for a while without my favorite cheeses, even survive bad cheese. But NO cheese? Now I'm all aware of the fact that many Asian people can't digest milk products very well or at all, and I'm deeply sorry for them. But still, a country with no cheese? At least you could smell it, yes? Believe me, stinky Tofu is NOTHING compared to the smell of some of the fine French cheeses. I'm talking about the ones more hairy than your dad; the cheeses that could easily walk away from you if they weren't too proud to do it. REAL cheeses!

Anyway. I brought cheese to the openSUSE Conference from the Dutch cheese store below.

Van oSC 2011


Talking about the conference, over the last couple of days, a huge amount of work has been put in the "Zentrifuge", the location for the openSUSE Conference. And I really mean huge, the place was - well, what do you expect of an empty, old industrial complex... It was empty ;-)

So we now are doing the finishing touches, and I'd like to share some pics of the work! I've put them on my picasaweb, have fun!

oSC 2011

Edit: note that you're all welcome at the conference location from now on! If you arrive before 18:00 however, you'll be put to work. After that, we have a nice pre-registration party with beer and pizza!!!


  1. You have to investigate what is veganism and what cheese truly means: torturing cows just to enjoy you cheese...

  2. As usual some people don't read (and think) before posting.
    It's all about "veganism", because all Taiwanese people are vegans.

  3. I did not claim that Taiwanese people are all vegans! (this is far from truth...)
    I just indicated to the author to investigate about veganism and its principles.
    This post anyway is somehow insulting for the vegan people and can't be part of the planetkde.
    Some people there are vegans and are not interested in the cheese obsessions. It is clearly out of topic. Understood or no?

    Do you think it is necessary to torture cows to get their milk? I really doubt that, and milk products are at least not that cruel and inefficient for world sustenance as meat.

    I think it is ok to have some of those personal introductions at Planet KDE, but of course you can criticise the content.

  5. In India, we don't use Cheese much. But milk products are pretty much staple part of our everyday diet. We drink milk in morning, evening and night. We use Curd (yogurt) for lunch.

    Instead of cheese, we use something called Paneer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paneer and also a liquid-ish form of butter called Ghee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghee regularly.

    I believe you won't have any food trouble when you come to India :-) Come soon.

  6. Oh... I feel your pain. No cheese... that can't be.

    You should attend Solutions Linux, a yearly conference held in Paris. Every year on the first evening, April, a French free software association, organizes the "From'n'pif", a free event for all booth helders: large tables filled with cheese and wine from all regions of France... I don't drink wine but the cheese selection is always great.

    Here is photo of the event: http://bonjourapril.fr/post/2010/09/25/Bonjour-Fromage


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