06 September, 2011

Bretzn at oSC

So there is the cool Bretzn project which was about creating a plugin for IDE's to compile and publish code via the Open Build Service and the Open Collaboration Services and then letting the user install, rate and comment on apps via a desktop client.


This last step, the client, unfortunately isn't finished yet - you can find the current code on gitorious but it still needs work. The underlying stuff is done, however so it shouldn't be that much work to finish it. The team working on it had to move on to other things - jobs, clients, real life stuff.

Too bad, as that means the chances of this making it into openSUSE 12.1 aren't big. So Bretzn is looking for help! According to Frank Karlitschek, finishing the client shouldn't take much more than 6 weeks volunteer's work. It's currently done with QML but obviously a contributor could take it in another direction. Sure is, however, that whoever takes it on can count on some pretty good mentoring from Frank, Frederik and others.


So - anyone around who's interested in a cool, cutting-edge GUI project for openSUSE & KDE? Note that in typical openSUSE fashion, this tool is not meant to be openSUSE specific - or even KDE specific. The Appstream project is working on a GNOME GUI based on the Ubuntu Software Center and sharing most of the infrastructure. It's a cross-distro effort, with people from Fedora, Debian and other distro's involved!

If you're interested, contact me (just post below) or talk to us at the openSUSE Conference!!!


  1. I'm willing to do what I can, which is tiny for sure. But, with good mentoring perhaps I can fumble my way forward. I do have familiarity with C and C++ as well as a little Python, but have no practical experience. If the mentoring is good, this could be a good project for me to get some hands on experience with. I'm willing, though I doubt capable. If they are willing to suffer a noob, I'm willing to suffer being over my head.

  2. I feel sad when I saw that screenshot and a comment on K3b is a bug report on place where it does not belong.

    Does commenting really need to be done like it is a blog post reply or forum post?
    Shouldn't it be more application features related than problem solving?

  3. Roger: expect a mail soon, thanks! :D

    Fri13: yup, you're right :D

  4. Hi jos,

    Does the two week delay on beta/feature-freeze increase the odds of seeing Bretzn in 12.1?

    Kind regards


  5. Hi Jos, is there anything you can report to us on this? :)

  6. A little update, then: two people are currently looking at the Bretzn sourcecode and getting familiar with it. Let's see where they take it :D

  7. fantastic news, thank you.

    god speed to them. :)

  8. Anymore news??? will it make it? Is there a place where we can keep on whit the improvements?!

  9. Do you still need help on this?

  10. Actually, there's work going on now, see https://trello.com/board/appstream/4f156e1c9ce0824a2e1b8831

    1. (obviously they can use some help. Ping henne at the opensuse-project irc channel, or someone else - or mail me)


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