22 June, 2011

Time to register!

The Desktop Summit is getting closer. That means you really need to start planning travel and hotel and of course - register!

We need to plan our event properly, and for that we need the visitors to register in time. We might not be able to get you network access or have room for you in the social events like parties or trips if you don't register in time, so it's in everybody's interest if you do :D

If you're still wondering if you should go, remember this: if you are interested in the Linux Desktop, this is THE place to be. All key players are there! You can get to know them, learn, share thoughts and ideas.

And not to forget, we have a STUNNING line-up of talks, awesome keynote speakers and of course much much more.

So go, register today!


  1. I can't register from the link!
    It's anything wrong?

  2. baltolkien: as far as I know, it should surely work... if you have bumped into a serious issue, please try to contact someone at #desktopsummit on IRC?!? I'm far from a technical dude but might be able to get you in contact with one, you can mail me too - jos on opensuse.


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