30 June, 2011

Blog: Dutch KDE BBQ

Sunday, Juli 10th I'll organize a KDE BBQ at my place, Cooklaan 7 in Utrecht. Anyone, including openSUSE or GNOME people more than welcome :D

You're welcome from about 14:00 and I'd appreciate it if you can give me a heads-up on Saturday so I can make sure I have enough food :D

The bbq will be done Dutch style - bring something yourself. But please, not too much, I don't want to have to eat meat for the next 2 weeks. I'll make sure there is some beer, veggies, bread etc of course. If the Weather gods don't like us we can eat inside and I might turn it into a curry cooking party or so but we'll decide that later on. In any case I'll take both herbivores and carnivores into account!

Getting there:
Public Transport: Go to Utrecht Central station, take the tram. Get out by Vasco Da Gamalaan. When you get out the tram, go right, then left to cross the street and go further in that direction. You'll pass a LIDL at which point you have to go left and you will find the Cooklaan as the first street on the left. Ring the bell at nr 7 and look sweet so I'll let you in.
Car: use open streetmap, Google Maps or TomTom... Don't forget to look sweet at the door ;-)


  1. Drat, as usual I'll be elsewhere while social things happen in KDE-NL. -- [ade]

  2. Same for me... That weekend I've got visitors myself.

  3. Good idea, I'll be there and looking forward to it! This is a nice opportunity to meet again, haven't met any of the Dutch KDE crowd since the release party for KDE 4.5 in Culemborg.


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