16 June, 2011

openSUSE conference sponsorship

On news.opensuse.org an article went out recently to ask for sponsors for the openSUSE conference. As the openSUSE conference this year is expected to attract some 500 attendees, we need a serious budget. Surely, the Platinum sponsor (SUSE) can take care of much, but we need to be able to support our many community members to come to the conference.


If you live in India, Brazil, Taiwan or Australia, it is not cheap to fly to Nuernberg. And we do want those people there! We are an diverse, international community, something to cherish. But we can't afford that without some serious sponsorship. So that's why I ask for help. We need YOUR help to find sponsors, contacts in companies, anything. Please, help us out, let us know! You can email me (jos at opensuse), or Izabel Valverde (izabelvalverde at opensuse).

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