12 January, 2011

Meetings and Elections today!

Today is a busy day for openSUSE. The election committee is busy finishing the last bits and pieces needed for the election of two new openSUSE Board members to start. DigitITom just notified the openSUSE-project mailing list that voting is open and the voting site can be found on openSUSE connect!

Over the last days, candidates have been finishing their election platform pages which you can find on the election 2010 page. Vincent Untz has asked the candidates some hard questions and I must say I'm reading their responses with close attention ;-)

But there is more going on. We just added a GNOME team meeting to the agenda for Januari 20th?. The KDE team has moved back their meetings scheduled for tomorrow to today, 17:00 UTC - unfortunately the exact same time as the openSUSE Project-wide meeting in the #opensuse-project channel on Freenode. Once the project meeting is over and everyone has had a few hours to recover, the Board will have a public meeting 19:00 UTC in the same project channel. The agenda for today:

  1. openSUSE Foundation

  2. Membership approval team - replace people who don't vote with somebody else

  3. Where do we need to improve ?

  4. Questions & Answers

So plenty of activity, stay tuned and have fun!

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