27 January, 2011

HCC linux day and Linux Conf Australia

Linux Conf Australia

I promised to write more about Linux Conf Australia. The good: great weather, great people, nice talks. The bad: little if any openSUSE presence; some people don't even know it and pretty much nobody has any idea bout awesome stuff like the Build Service, Studio, Tumbleweed etc etc. The ugly: no idea how to turn that around for now. So I need some help!

On Saturday the 29th I will have a booth at the 'open day' to help spread the word about open source, linux & of course openSUSE. Now I'll have a hard time doing that alone. Initially I'd have Graham help me out but I guess he couldn't make it, I can't reach him on mail or anywhere else. So if you're interested in helping out - I'll trow in one of the new openSUSE t-shirts (as long as my limited stash lasts)! Look me up, I've added a picture of myself in the Picasa album below, will do that again tomorrow ;-)

To save you the searching, see the picture below. And yes, I am wearing the openSUSE t-shirt today - and there's more where that came from!

Van LCA 2011 Brisbane

HCC linux dag in NL

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about a dutch IT event where I would like to have some openSUSE presence. Now more information has become available on their website. The event will be on Saturday may 21 in the Postillion hotel in Bunnik, NL from 10:00 to 16:00. Afterward I might take the openSUSE team out for food ;-)

2 people already signed up and we're looking for more! We'll have fun, I promise :D

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