26 January, 2011

collaboration at openSUSE

A few days ago I posted about Canonical's decision to start shipping Qt with Ubuntu but do it in a not-exactly-cooperative way. Aaron replied to my post that he had contacted Mark who simply forwarded him to the Kubuntu developers. Mark either didn't get the point Aaron tried to make or didn't like it - either way, too bad.

Collaboration news!

Luckily, at the cross-distro app installer meeting openSUSE organized, Ubuntu had two people over and it was even decided to use the Ubuntu Software center as reference for other distributions. Good to see Canonical seems open for collaboration - at least to some extend. After that meeting the Bretzn team worked for three days on an openSUSE appstore - count on an article about that soon! Hint: pretty awesome results in the pipeline and patches are already flowing in, implementing the ideas, plans and mockups from the meeting. I must say I'm really happy with those meetings and look forward to see what openSUSE will be doing over the next months on the app store front!

Linux Conf Australia

Meanwhile I write this at LCA 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. For anyone who is curious: no, no swimming skills needed to get around. Some roads are still blocked here and there but I haven't seen any big problems. I know, pictures or it didn't happen - see below. I promise to blog more about LCA later!

LCA 2011 Brisbane

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  1. I was actually fairly envious of the strides Ubuntu has made in their package manager to hide dependencies and focus on packages users care about.

    When one distro comes out with a nice innovation, I think other distros should be willing to copy that innovation.

    I love the stability of openSUSE. I love that openSUSE puts equal emphasis on KDE and Gnome. But I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some features from Fedora or Ubuntu make their way into openSUSE in the future.


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