06 October, 2010

Smeegol, Conferences and cash

Hi all!

Lots of good news today!.

First of all, the openSUSE community's Smeegol team has managed to get SmeeGol 1.0 out!.
And I'm proud of them, because:
  • We are beating both Fedora and MeeGo itself in delivering the latest MeeGo software

  • AND we do it while shipping newer software (Banshee etc)

  • AND we have one-click-install for openSUSE users & SUSE Studio images ready to be cloned so anyone can make their own version!!!! I already made a clone with some multimedia additions for myself... Too bad testdrive doesn't work with Smeegol :(

  • AND it's a true community effort, where volunteers from all sides of openSUSE have worked on!

So check it out, it's worth it :D

openSUSE users can install it quickly with this link:

The second piece of good news is that there is an official openSUSE Conference poster on the Conference Artwork page. So use it, print a few and hang em up at your local university IT department (University of Nuernberg!!) or in your local hacker space (I noticed C-BASE doesn't have anything yet so if you live in Berlin - go there and put up an openSUSE poster pls!).


And the third is that thankfully there is a little budget left for travel sponsorship for the openSUSE conference. I really appreciate that those who could afford the travel themselves have indeed done so, leaving those for whom it is a financial problem with some reimbursement. Now we can hopefully help a few more people. If you have decided not to go to the conference due to financial problems, contact me and I can see what I can do!

Talking about travel to the openSUSE Conference, be sure to look at the Travel coordination page!

And talking about conferences in general, the Desktop Summit dates are announced! As part of the organization I'm of course proud of that but there's a lot of work ahead. If you want to help, let the team know! mail to ds-team@desktopsummit.org or contact me.



EDIT: and thanks all for the re-tweeting/denting/blogging of the Smeegol, desktop summit and other announcements!


  1. And nobody are happier than the Microsoftguys. As long as the community manager of OpenSUSE is paid by Novell it will always be Novell that is number one. And Microsoft number two.

    How lucky there's space for OpenSUSE as numero tres.

  2. @Jack: Is it nice being a troll?

  3. He, I bet MS is happy with the desktop summit, openSUSE Conference and of course Meego in general. Wait, what?

    And of course I'm paid by Novell - I'm Novell's community manager for openSUSE, not "the openSUSE community manager". There is also another openSUSE community manager, you know, for openSLX to be precise...

    I know, don't feed the troll... meh. Why not be happy with the news, peeps?

  4. ...because the heavy use of .net/C# puts the Linux/FOSS community in a position where the risk of lawsuits and patent TROLLING from Microsoft increases.

    HTC pays for Android, Motorola is under attack for Android, and while Novell already sold out, there's no need for more of the same.

    See where this is heading?

    No further comments will be posted by undersigned.


  5. I actually fail at understanding why this distribution has been created.
    I respect your hard work but, as far as I know, the meego release is shipped with a GUI which is an evolution of the one used by maemo.
    And will be replaced by a QT-based one.

    I think the meego gui is beautiful and functional but has no future (meego 1.0 was indeed only a developer edition).
    That's the only reason why it's not on my netbook :)

    Best regards

  6. >AND we do it while shipping newer software (Banshee etc)

    You've got to be kidding. Who, except you is shipping mono applications? I guess, nobody else I'm happy with that.


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