23 October, 2010

Little conf video...

Wednesday night at the conf center we had some beers and discussed them - I recorded a quick video of Leinir, Frank, Chani and myself there which is surely silly enough to be worth sharing with the world :D

Meanwhile I am trying to get more video's and articles out but NOW I need to get to the train to go home to NL...

Will blog and write more later ;-)

If you want some oSC video's NOW, check what Will has been recording, or the openSUSE channel.



  1. I only get audio -- is there video too on this quick video?

  2. Ok, looks like blip.tv has fscked that one up. Download it here directly: http://blip.tv/file/get/Jospoortvliet-WednesdayNightAtOSC225.mp4

    I hope that works better, it does here :D


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