29 October, 2010

oSC successful? Absolutely!

Hi all!

Just a quick note: I'm very proud of the very successful openSUSE conference and wanted to spread that word ;-)

Seriously, the "collaboration across borders" theme has worked out incredibly well. We even have a Red Hat developer with his own Build Service Project now. And I heard whispers about Mageia pondering the use of OBS as well. Awesome!

I know, I know, we didn't fork any big projects - well, actually, we had the first LibreOffice conference tracks there - it's becoming a real open source project, finally. Getting rid of pesky code attribution stuff has taken down a huge barrier. (meanwhile OpenOffice keeps crashing on my laptop. Which is OK, I used KPresenter for my presentation - too bad Beta 2 introduced the audience to ODF tags in the slides hehe)

Love, Jos


  1. Jean-Nicolas Artaud (morice-net)Friday, 29 October, 2010

    Hey, happy to see that your enjoy KPresenter.
    Even if we talked about this at the last aKademy, it's a pleasure to read this. I really hope the next version of KOffice will be end-user ready...

  2. I used KPresenter in my first talk too with no problems or ODF tag intrusions. I needed to use the Appear effect in my second talk due to the volume of text so I used LO for that).


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