08 December, 2009

Who is KDE? (continued)

In my previous blog I talked about who KDE is and how the web is full of cool blogs and podcasts and more about our community. In this blog a few more links ;-)

Check out the Blue Mint blog. Darn. This one is way cool for sure. The blogger (James Cain) aims to help and inform Linux Mint KDE users about their favorite desktop software. He started only 6 weeks ago but is very productive. Imho this blog would fit nicely on planet KDE, he might not be a developer but writes excellent and informative blogs. Or should we create a KDE user planet?

Here's jmiahman, blogging since april 2009. Clearly a Mandriva user, he recently wrote a nice review of the development version of KDE SC 4.4. Regularly blogs about other KDE stuff too, his latest one (as of this writing) is about amarok.

Robert Penz (family of our Peter?) regularly blogs about KDE, as he is a Kubuntu user. His blog mostly sports all kinds of tips and tricks (worth reading, I tell you) and every now and then an nice KDE article comes trough ;-)

A guy (or girl, I suppose...) who calls himself "Technophile Monkey" considers KDE SC 4.3 a winner. So much I think he switched, I only see Gnome screenshots in older blogposts and Plasma workspace/KDE apps in newer ;-)
He also did a nice Windows 7 review, comparing it to SC 4. Worth a read!

For now I'm gonna stop this as there is plenty more but I guess ya'll get the drift - plenty of cool KDE related blogs and people who care about what we do. I consider them part of our community. Not hardcore developers for sure, but part of KDE.

One final thing I (as Arch user) didn't want to let go: a great "create a supercool KDE SC on Arch" 2-part series on IT news today.

Oh, and for the potential writers among us - there is a request for an article about Kontact for http://linuxrants.net - anyone interested, let us know on kde-promo or mail me personally.


  1. "smooth as a baby’s arse" - Technophile Monkey

    Can we have that as our new catch all marketing slogan? :-)

    Some nice picks...

  2. planetkdeuser.org would be just great :)

  3. Just found another similar blog: http://tuxrocket.com/archives/tinker/932 :D


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