09 December, 2009

Krita fundraiser going strong!

I'm really glad to see the Krita fundraiser went so well. At the time of writing, they're more than 500 euros over target, and more might follow. That's in just a couple of days. Wonderful! This means Lukáš will be working a little over 2 months fulltime on Krita, and if more donations come in he can extend that period.

Let's make sure Krita the best Free Software painting application for artists there is - donate too!

Help raise Krita to the next level and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

Read more on the Krita site.


  1. 2 months?? The deal was for 3 months!! 1K a month.

  2. Why don't KDE organize this sort of fundrisers monthly? It would be great to help it become better and better :-)

    Maybe KDE could also try to setup commununity polls to unrstand what people would like donating the best.

    Just my 0.2€ ( + a little bigger amount already sent using paypal ;-) )

  3. I think the real sum is bigger than Pledgie page claims. Some people (like me) who doesn't like paypal paid directly to Boud's personal account.

  4. It doesn't matter how much is the real sum (assuming the one here isn't), what matters is that there are proper recourses for development of great OpenSource applications!

  5. Yes, the target was for three months. If we have enough extra for another month, Lukas could work another month fulltime on Krita, for instance fixing bugs.


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