17 December, 2009


Yes, I know, for many of you a bit of snow is like 'so what?'. And for others, living in a perpetual summer, it's something to point-and-laugh about. Still, I've got an internet connection, a bunch of unwilling readers (ya'all) and enough irritation to fill a thousant webpages.

But pictures say more, or so I've been told.

In the morning...

It was pretty.

In the evening...

Less so.

Combined with the sheer incapability of the dutch public transport to handle anything but a sunny summer day (actually they screw that up once in a while too) and the resulting delay my trip home wasn't as good as it could have been. Especially considering I left a christmas drink at work early 'cuz I had to visit the town hall for some paperwork. !FAIL

Luckily I had nice company on the way home (2 girls on the last image). And some decent C2H5OH containing beverages in the fridge to sooth the pain.


  1. When I went to the train station there were no trains running, so I went back home again. I'm really glad I did, because a few hours later everything broke down. It is fun to create weird tracks in the snow, that will hopefully have confused at least one person.

  2. In Denmark we have about an half meter snow EVERYWHERE! :D

  3. The exact same thing happens in Norway, where you'd think they should be equipped to able to handle a few snowflakes. But no, the first snow comes as a total surprise every year, causing huge delays.

  4. Well, Belgium is just as unprepared as the netherlands. Yesterday we had a total of 500 km of trafic jams. The longest one in about 25 years. (the longest straight line in belgium is about 200km long)
    Busses drive with one hour delays (if they are going at all). The train is actually doing quite well considering: only 15 minutes delay on average, which is something you can get any day of the week even with good weather conditions.

    I really wonder why public transport has so much problems with it: it's not like it never snows in winter

  5. I am totally with you on the snow, no one around here is excited about it but I keep my fingers crossed that the snow storm will catch us ;-)

  6. i don't like snow either, there was 15cm snow here.
    i like to have the summer again, but for that we have to wait a few months


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