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09 February, 2010

YESS!!!! we're finally done!

So, with the amazing new website online, the time has come for the release of the latest and greatest Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform!

Which means: it's time to party! I'll be at the dutch release party in Culemborg, feel free to join! With over 25 parties all around the world, I think this is the biggest party we've ever thrown for a new release :D

I'm so proud of all you! Not only the developers but also the translators, documentation writers, bug reporters and triagers, forum members and of course the promo- and web developers for the great work you all did. A very big thank you and many many hugs!

If YOU want to help us spread the word, that'd be great! Tag everything with KDE44, tweet, dent, blog and digg here and here (new site), reddit here and here (new site), check our Linkedin group, our KDE forum, watch us on Youtube and and share the news on Facebook.

Special tip: Fanfare has been working like crazy on screencasts, worth watching!