12 April, 2015

ownCloud Meetup to test devices in Berlin

Coming Wednesday, it's time for the monthly Berlin ownCloud meetup again. Last month, we wanted to play with some little development boards, install ownCloud on them and see what they could do. But we had over a dozen new participants join, turning the meetup mostly in a 'how to get an ownCloud development environment up and running' session.

That was great fun and I'd love to see everybody again - but the devices are also in the office, looking at us like they want attention. So, if you're interested in playing with Banana Pi, Raspberry Pi, cubietruck and similar stuff, come and join our meetup. Wednesday, starting at 7 at c-base Berlin in the main room, we'll grab some tables and bring devices, power cords and chargers and get going.

We'll see how far we can get, but goals include getting some decent performance statistics of the differences between the various devices and ownCloud releases as well as finding some ways of optimizing the ownCloud performance on these boards.

Note that ANYBODY, seriously, ANYBODY is welcome. We'd be more than happy to help you get started with any type of ownCloud hacking, so if you don't care about Raspberry Pi's but rather hack on 2048 CPU clusters - fine with me. Feel free to bring one and we'd be happy to turn it into a fun toy ;-)

Oh and if you tend to get hungry in the evening, bring something to eat. We'll probably grab some pizza.

You can RSVP here but you're welcome in any case!

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