04 March, 2014

Rocking India

Last week in Gandhinagar, India, conf.kde.in finished. As Free Software conferences go, this one was more than decent! Thanks to a single track of high quality talks, all ~300 visitors were in the same room and in the breaks were discussing the same subjects. Of course this presents a challenge to the team picking the talks as they have to fit the entire audience, but the fact that the majority of visitors to this event are ICT students makes that relatively easy. That does not mean the talks were all beginner level: the talk by Peter about how to integrate Simon's voice abilities in applications (demo-ed on Amarok) and the 'Language renaissance' C++11 talk by Kevin certainly don't fall in that category. Yet, seeing the number of questions, most students were able to follow and learn from these talks.

My own talk was about where KDE, both technically and socially/organizationally, is going, also resulted in quite a few questions. They ranged from "what does RTFM mean" to discussions about involvement of startups and decision making processes. Much of what I talked about won't be new for KDE people who follow what is going on in our community quite closely. I mostly extrapolate from trends which have been visible for quite a few years. But for those who are new or less close to our community, I plan on putting it in a blog post or two over the coming days/weeks.

pictures or it didn't happen

I took quite a few pics and made some videos out of that. It basically goes from the first to the last day...

India certainly is a nice country to visit, I greatly enjoyed the warm welcome of our Indian KDE community!

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