18 March, 2014

openSUSE Conference Plans

In just a little over a month, the openSUSE Conference 2014 will kick off in Croatia. It is in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik - and when I say beautiful, I mean it. If the pictures here don't do it for you, check some pics on flickr! And the venue is great, too. The openSUSE site just published a location sneak peek - beautiful building, close to the city center, sea and food.

It is not just the location, food and beaches which look good. The program looks very good too. I published a sneak preview last week and for sure, if you're openSUSE contributor, you should be there. But if you are interested in Linux technology, there's a talk on BCache, one on btrfs, LVM, there'll be ownCloud, OpenStack, the Jolla phone and more. For programmers, my wife gives a Ruby on Rails workshop for beginners and there might be one for advanced users too (not yet confirmed).

There will be more than talks and workshops. openSUSE 13.2 Milestone 0 comes out very soon but Coolo does not want to commit to any schedule without having had a conversation about the planning at the openSUSE Conference. We also will plan the release team proposed by Markus Müller work. Those who stepped up have to decide what tasks they want to be involved with. More reasons to make sure you're at oSC14!

Last, I will be giving a few talks as well. One about ownCloud at home, about my experience setting this personal cloud tech up at home. I will present a session about where the KDE community is going with Frameworks 5, Plasma Next, the Manifesto, Wayland, QML and all that fancy stuff. And I talk about 'social skills for geeks', that stuff you really don't want to do, but have to.

On the first day I'll also do again the "giving talks" workshop and I'll present about doing a booth at events.

If you can go but have not booked anything yet, you should plan and register now! The Call for Papers is open until the end of the month but most slots are taken already so hurry up!

See you in Croatia

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