14 May, 2012

SUSE 20 years old!

I've been with SUSE now for almost 2 years now and it's been quite a ride. SUSE itself, however, has been having fun long before I joined. Heck, even before Free Software was on my radar (that's somewhere around 2000), SUSE was already going strong! November it'll be 20 years. Cool to see that in that time, Linux went from 'nothing' to "two-thirds of the global Fortune 100 uses SUSE Linux Enterprise"!!!

At SUSECon there'll be a celebration, the geeko's will re-do that at the openSUSE Summit afterwards. But SUSE has already been gearing up for the celebrations, putting up this infographic for example, see also on the right. Quite cool ;-)

There's another one showing 'where SUSE leads', the 11 good reasons why SUSE is the savvy Linux choice. It is used on the careers page with the header "where SUSE leads, YOU lead". Nice touch :D

Join us?

Talking about careers, I know the SUSE Studio team is looking for an UI designer. If you've played with SUSE Studio you know you've got some big shoes to fill. But it is an amazingly cool project with an amazingly cool team and an amazingly cool project lead - that would be Cornelius Schumacher, or Mister President for you!

The Boosters are also looking for new blood and so are many other teams in SUSE. Just have a look on this page for the job openings, about 40 at the moment.

At LinuxTag in Berlin, about three weeks from now, there'll be two SUSE HR people, who can answer any questions you might have. So, if you wanna work on awesome stuff for the Greenest company in the F/LOSS world, come and talk to us ;-)

See you at LinuxTag!

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  1. Yo Jos! Good Job. I miss you! Hang in there Berlin kid!


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