11 May, 2012

fork on github?

Got lots of comments on my blog "on the value of collaboration". Some positive, some less so - but that's all fine. Today I wanted to point to one thing I had in there as a link: snapper.

Fork me on Github

Remember my blog about the Qt based firefox-like webbrowser Qupzilla and Fork me on Github? The new snapper website has a nice "fork us on github" button which does indeed link directly to the github repo of snapper!


So snapper is a frontend for creating and handling the snapshots the new btrfs Linux filesystem can make. This was initially written by SUSE engineers for SLE and also made available for openSUSE - that's SLE's upstream after all. And the team thought it makes sense to make it available for other Linux distributions as well, as there's lots more interesting work to do in FOSS than re-writing tools from one distro to the other.

Thus right now Snapper is available for the following Linux'es: Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, Mandriva and of course openSUSE.

The GUI is written as a YaST plugin to make it available for commandline users as well as both on GNOME and KDE. We have ported LibYui to other distro's but I don't know if that's already enough to have the plugin create a gui on say Gentoo or Ubuntu. Help and collaboration in that area is very much welcome - LibYui is on sourceforge.

Get it

So if you want snapper, get it at this link! You don't have to thank us but if you have ideas for improvements and some hacking time, please think about forking github repo and of course, once things are up and running, creating a merge request!

Thank you for collaborating ;-)

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