31 March, 2012


Took a day off yesterday and visited a museum in Berlin. That didn't work out so awesomely as it turns out I need far more time than the average human (like Camila, although I wouldn't call her average in most regards). So I had only seen the special exhibition and a part of the Islamic stuff before being kicked out as the day was over. The biggest thing I missed was the awesome ancient Greek section which had the 'big things' (see pic below). I was chased through the section on my way to the exit and I must say that it was truly impressive. I'll be going back to that museum.

Afterwards we went to have 'Brazilian' food in Cafe de Brasil. The food was OK - what I had wasn't great (come on, 'Churrasco'? That?) but Camila's dish was quite authentic.

Gnome Shell, Lydia, flamewars

Lydia Pintscher is visiting today and as she's KDE board member this has to be the day I move my laptop over to GNOME Shell. zypper doing it's thing right now :D

Lydia hasn't seen Popcorn yet, that'll be fun. Let me trow in a picture :D

She said she's bringing cookies, let's see if those are popcorn-cookies or Camila/Jos cookies... In any case, I'll be cooking.

Speaking of cooking, there's another huge thread brewing on the openSUSE-Factory mailing list... This time, the KDE folks got jealous of the GNOMIES who can flame away on GNOME Shell vs Unity vs Cinnamon vs XFCE vs Mate, and started a discussion on KDE 3 vs KDE 4. I'm awaiting for Razor-qt to join the fight :D

I do feel a bit bad joining in knowing it's the absolutely wrong mailing list for this, but hey, it's Saturday, there's fun to be had...

Now for those who like pictures, here's Popcorn again, this time it's us on our balcony:

From the Home album

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