21 March, 2012

Help Tupi get to LGM 2012!

If you don't know Tupi, you might have heard of KToon. It is/was a 2D animation tool. As the website makes painfully clear, development halted about 1,5 years ago. Since then, a Brazilian developer has picked it up. He decided to rename the project to Tupi and move on with it. Since then, he has made regular releases and quite a few funny video's:

Once upon a time at Latinoware 2011... from Tupi: 2D Magic on Vimeo.

That one is especially cool, featuring John 'maddog' Hall as cartoon character :D

But on the Tupi website the following video is now featured:

The tupi author would like to visit the Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 in Vienna. Turns out the trip is a tad too expensive so a Pledgy has been set up to help out! So if you know Tupi, want to play with it, and want it to be successful: go here and donate!

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  1. Gustav isnt from Brazil, he is from Columbia from Cali. Thats the problem right now, he needs a visa for visit Austria and for that he have to show the flight tickets and the reservation for an hotel.
    The hotel isnt a problem it can booked without money, but the flights are arround 700€/1000$ so that he need soon.


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