16 January, 2012

The Eagle has Landed

Not talking about the moon landing, just saying I'm home! Camila and myself have landed in Berlin. It has been a lot of work - the Netherlands is not so far, just 700 KM, Brazil is over 10 times that... But now we're settling in. Ikea has the art of making-it-easy-to-build-your-own-furniture licked to such an extend that the level of frustration is absolutely trumped by the sense of accomplishment after building something. As a matter of fact, I've discovered that I enjoy drilling holes in helpless pieces of wood almost as much as cutting innocent vegetables in small pieces. Somehow it is relaxing. Yes, I know, it is disturbing.

Anyway. My office is far from done - I have my keyboard on my lap and my mouse rests on a small chair, just to give an impression of what's still to be done. But the location of our home is absolutely awesome - everything is around. I thought I had lived in a city but this really is a new level... If you haven't seen Berlin and think you can stand me, consider visiting. We've got a very nice guest room and as long as you can somehow claim to have a passing relation to Free Software or either of us personally, Camila and myself would gladly welcome you. We're both used to sharing a place with others and honestly, I prefer to have some people around.

In the work area, I haven't done much in the past 5 weeks - I have lots to catch up to. I'm reading mail now, answering some, ignoring most. So if you have emailed me over the last month and not received a reply yet - I hope I can reply in this week.

Oh, and yes, I plan to be at FOSDEM. And so should you - all your friends will be there!


  1. Então, ai estão vocês,
    do outro lado desse mundinho...

  2. Frank KarlitschekMonday, 16 January, 2012

    Awesome. I will visit you soo as long as there is a nice place around to have lots of beer. ;-)

  3. Welcome! I hope you'll like this city at least as much as I do.

  4. @all: thanks! There is plenty of beer around here and there'll be opportunity to go other places too. Andreas, if you have any suggestions for this weekend (Saturday, that is, Friday I'll be traveling) just let me know ;-)

    Maybe we should start planning to trow a party here... hmmmmm :D

  5. hey jos, waar zat je toch? we maakten ons al zorgen. gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe plek. ik zie je wel in berlijn met linuxtag. hou je haaks!! gRTz ben

  6. Housewarming party ? :D (Advice: don't. IKEA furniture cannot stand 'em)

  7. more important, have fun in your life and not only in openSUSE :-)


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