13 December, 2011

GNOME in Rio de Janeiro

On the beach, no less! At Copacabana, the most prestigious beach in Rio, I discovered proof of gnomes. It seems they try to hide by stepping in other people's footsteps. That's not working very well, as you see - it's clear they're there. I leave it up to you to decide what this means (but I do agree that the GNOME team deserves a break and Copacabana is a great place for that).

The beach is pretty, we went for a swim at night. Careful with the waves, they're really huge... I lost my flipflops in the water but miraculously found them again :D

Oh, and yes, we've finally seen Jesus! See the picture below, he's the dude in the back playing 'airplane'. We also enjoyed great (and unfamiliar) fruit juices and some more beach. Have some red stripes again. Tomorrow we'll try and see some trees, then we fly back to the Gauchos.


  1. Good news. I heard gnomes are extinct species, but you have proven otherwise. ;) However, I don't think there are many gnomes left. :P

  2. Hehe, OSS everywhere. Even in the sand. Is that you on the pic? You should update your planet picture, nobody would recognize you :-).

  3. With the winter in the Netherlands, I wish I could afford a holiday in Brazil as well, with it's beaches filled to the brim with beautiful women in tiny bikinis (or am I too optimistic here?). I take your last sentence as a hint that you're going to the state of Rio Grande do Sul next, that's because Camilla is from Porto Allegre, right? And what interesting stuff are you going to see there? Enjoy the holiday.

  4. Going back to RS was just going home - she lives there and I stay with her... But we also went to Santa Maria to visit her family, that was nice.

    Now - back in NL, cold and dark and depressive. Soon moving to Germany - even worse :D


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