14 July, 2009

GCDS over

It's over. Sitting here in the lobby of my hotel, contemplating a swim. Still a bit tired of all the writing and running around, but generally satisfied with the whole thing.

I've been playing catch up to my backlog of email and blogs. Almost done. Now on to some more writing and wrestling through the businesscards and other stuff.

(ok that was 2 days ago - forgot to finish and publish the blog. So I'll just continue)

This time I'm in my hotel room. Just had Japanese food with Kenny - interesting, as usual. Yesterday we took a car and drove through the center of the island, stopping a few times to admire the view. We also climbed some big rock to the highest point of the island. That was fun (and I got a bit sunburned). Kenny was less lucky, aside from the sunburn his cold got worse and his left ear has issues with the differences in air pressure. I hope for him it gets better before he boards the plane...

The rock from a distance

Rock a lot closer :D

None of my pics actually gives a reasonable impression of the actual size of that thing (hint: in the previous pic, you wouldn't be able to see a human standing next to it...) but I do have a photo showing the view standing at the feet of the rock:

Spot kenny ;-)

I'm working on some more geeky blog stuff, but that'll have to wait a bit - I think I deserved some relaxation after all the running around I did last week.

BTW you might have noticed that Troy is back working on promo stuff - first articles are online already, and more is on the way.

another more geeky thing, I agree with Richard: Moblin "We don't have menus, we think they're useless" 2 is seriously awesome! Great performance and a very interesting take on small-screen interfaces. Seems very usable. The more technical among you might say Intel would've done it faster and cheaper by choosing 'the right technology' (probably starting with a Q or a K) but the enduser in me thinks "bullocks: I couldn't care less, it works great!". That doesn't mean I don't like the stuff notmart and the others are doing, btw ;-) I do think they should probably have a very good look at Moblin.


  1. I have doubts though that plasma and kde will ever be faster than moblin which was built from the ground up to be very fast and let's face it, this is not the case of plasma.

  2. By the way, posting comments on your blog only works with konqueror. The submit buttons are hidden in other browsers. Even with konqueror, one need to scroll down. #fail

  3. yes, i tried moblin, (unfortunately i missed their talk at akademy, hope a video will get released) and yes, i agree on the uselessness of the the menubar.
    the point is that we want to make comfortable to run bot traditional and ad hoc applications. i would love it wasn't the case, but making impossible to run the usual stuff, even if it's really not suitable means a big fail from the beginning.
    that said i hope to have most of the necessary stuff in proper small screen friendly apps, maybe even full screen plasmoids (like clients for twitter and remember the milk)

  4. @anonymous (twice):
    - plasma/KDE faster? Actually I think they could/should be. Qt is generally faster than GTK, it's the integration with windowmanagement which makes Moblin even work at all - coming in the next KDE release.
    about the 'you can only post from konqi': I have no idea - I'm still in GC and using Chrome on windows right now, at home I mostly use konqi. It works fine in both... The blog is a almost entirely unmodified blogspot/blogger blog, so I really don't think it's my fault :D

    @notmart: I applaud your effort to not rewrite every single application specifically for the new note/net/mid/whatever book interface :D

    The latest demo looks positively cool, and much more smooth. Still the stuff in Moblin impressed me... Though they did it with way more resources.


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