05 July, 2009

GCDS day 2

So much is happening here, so little time... So let's do this list-wise.

First, reasonable weather. I'm so glad it's not sunny, the humidity is killing me already. But it is windy so quite OK. Sea looks like it wants me to swim in it but I'm too busy... Still for today I brought my towel, so please someone force me to take a dip sometime today!

Second, the conference is fun and interesting. I'm planning on actually taking advantage of that today, not hiding in the press room. I'm going to let some of the local personel keep the press happy ;-)

Third, Zeitgeist. WTF? Yeah, while walking to the conference building I bumped into a Zeitgeist and a Tracker hacker ;-)

Most of the KDE-ies must have read about that stuff - seen a screenshot. Well, I didn't know the screenshot wasn't really the interesting part ;-)
Zeitgeist has two components, and the most interesting one is the underlying, low-on-dependencies (Glib & Gio, from what I understand) library. It tracks events - like Application A opens file D, Application X kills kitten Y etcetera. They're working on storing that info into tracker and creating a Nepomuk ontology for that. From what I understood they would also like to have a Qt/KDE gui for Zeitgeist. So what we need now is some KDE people interested in indexing, logging and search to get to the Zeitgeist Talk later today and more importantly the Zeitgeist BoF ;-)

Now I'm off to some talks...

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