08 November, 2008

KOffice sprint 2008

The KOffice team will have a meeting this weekend in the KDAB offices in Berlin. Last year, I was unable to attend, but this year - I'm there again. And looking forward to it. I'm writing this blog in the train, so forgive occasional spelling mistakes, btw. The German country can be distracting ;-)

There seem to be some big plans. Not just in the technical area, like two years ago when KOffice was busily working on infrastructural tasks. This year, a first release of the 'new stuff' is imminent, so the focus has been moved to polishing the release and discussing the marketing surrounding it. As usual I will spend time on daily reports, but I will also join the marketing discussions and work on them. As there are more Marketing dudes & dudettes attending, we'll also be discussing the marketing for KDE in general - and cool stuff is happening on that front.

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  1. Exciting times for KOffice indeed, looking forward to the reports!


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