15 March, 2008

what, two panels?

Even though it's not friday anymore, I was kind'a inspired by Aaron's blog to start playing with plasma again. Aaron speaks about an add panel patch from Stephan Binner and I had to check it out. So here you go:

As you can see, Plasma now also supports themes, I would love to see the Fluffy Bunny theme get in there by default :D

There still are some issues with layouting of widgets, sometimes they overlay each other. And it's pretty hard to move them on the panel (hint: you can't) (edit: Binner just blogged about a patch he has ready which will make this possible!!!). I hope these can be worked out before a release, as such things are very crucial to a 'finished' feel. But despite these issues, it's getting more and more fun to play with Plasma - pity I forgot to put the ball on those screenshots... (Edit, I didn't forget it, it's there, just look under the comics plasmoid) Yes, a ball. Red. Round. You can throw it around, it bounces of the side of the screen and the panels. Nice demonstration of physics on the Plasma desktop. I wonder who will come up with a patch which lets you throw all widgets around ;-)

Oh, and check the Plasma Roadmap on Techbase, it has some nice stuff already. I hope they can get to all of it...