04 March, 2008

That'll teach him

Hehe.... Last Sunday, Aseigo blogged about Dashboard widgets and how Plasma now natively supports them. Yes, he did mention Zack had to get some fixes in Qt. But despite that, half the world tried to get the code. And that code didn't just need qt-copy (which almost every KDE hacker probably has compiled) but the latest qt-snapshot AND a patch against it from playground... Now that's not just obvious (nor fast to compile), and Aaron didn't blog about it. So for the last days, the Plasma IRC channel has been flooded by ppl asking Aaron how to get the Dashboard stuff compiled ;-)

He must be getting crazy. Even more, that is, as I can imagine having Zack over for a few days must leave someone in a certain... mood... ;-)

And yes, FOSDEM rocked, I just didn't blog about it due to a lack of time. So, to make up for it, a few pictures.

A certain someone (once Akademy organizer) drunk 'a little' too much and had to be carried, Lydia and Jos (vd oever) doing so on this picture. I had my share as well. I must say that certain person (K....) was very quiet the following day, not surprisingly, considering his condition when I took this picture.

Our happy other last-year Akademy organizer (you can enjoy that status only for like 4 to 5 more months, so I suggest you do so, Riddel!)

Yeah, this is what the Amarok ppl had to show. They didn't give me screenshots, so here's an actual Screen Shot.

Mike, the Amarok Mascot.

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  1. Nice picture of nightly Brussels. But I'm sure K. is not happy with it, even though the picture is clearer than his mind at that point.


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