01 July, 2007

Akademy 2007 - day 1

Akademy 2007 started of a bit weird for me. Jos (van den Oever) and me went to bed around midnight. After a few hours sleep, I was woken up by a face next to mine. Aaron decided the floor of our room was unused, and it was the perfect spot to put Laur, who didn't have a place to sleep. He was nice enough to warn us so we'd not be too surprised, but it was hard to get through to our sleepy heads...

Saturday, managing the whole press thing was very hard. We didn't make hard arrangements in advance, so I had to ensure both tracks where covered. Luckily, some ppl quickly offered to help (thanks Giovanni, Laur, Claire!) and when Danny arrived, our press team got up and running. We even have a pressroom now, though it's shared with the food corner ;-)

We still missed Troy, though, who was held up by the incident at the airport.

The second day, the pressroom got so crowded, we (Danny and me) didn't even have a proper seat, so we just moved to the 'real' pressroom in the other building (we each have our own desk now) so we can put up the first article. Yes, you can expect it any time now, as the network is finally up... And Troy did arrive, which means more hands writing for the articles ;-)

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