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19 March, 2014

Leaving SUSE

Dear Geekos,

I'll be leaving SUSE by the end of this month.

What that means

That does not mean I am running away from all things green, I still have no less than 5 talks to give at the openSUSE conference and I will certainly continue to put in some spare time for the marketing of oSC14 and! But it won't be a full time contribution anymore.

Now I know there have been some heavy discussions lately about where we as openSUSE community are going and despite the rather rough start, I think we are on the right track now. The openSUSE Team is hacking on OBS, openQA and other tools and that will help improve both the quality of openSUSE as a distro. I also think the new board is great and will make a difference on the community side.

You all rock!

My time at SUSE has been amazing. You, the openSUSE community, are awesome, smart, sweet and fun. openSUSE as a distro is kick-ass, OBS rocks and so on. I'm proud to be a part of the Geeko crowd and be allowed to make my modest contribution. And it was great meet you at events and conferences around the world!

You might wonder where I'm going - well, I have to keep that under wraps until the end of this month. But I'm not leaving Free and Open Source behind and I'll still run openSUSE!

See you later, Geekonator...

PS: In the spirit of my cat presentations, let me finish this post with a pair of cute eyes from our dog Popcorn...