17 March, 2016

New ownCloud Events

I've just added some events to the ownCloud events page:
I myself will be in Chemnitz this Saturday and Sunday and in Lithuania as well, both cases I'll give a talk and in Chemnitz we'll run a booth. If you are at any of these events or were thinking about going - come say hi to the ownCloud Flag (or t-shirt) bearer!

We can use your help!

There are other events where an ownCloud presence would be awesome. For example, LinuxWochen Wien ("Linuxweeks Vienna") has no ownCloud appearance yet and the CfP closes in three days!!! If you live close there and would be up for talking about ownCloud, that would rock, please, reach out to me...

The same is true for the SouthEast LinuxFest which has it's call for papers still open. If you live in the South East of the US or were already thinking about going there, can I convince you to talk about ownCloud and perhaps help run a booth?

How to give a talk

I know, just out of the blue giving a talk about ownCloud might not be the most attractive thought you can come up with. But I've got stuff to make it easy... First of all, slides complete with notes can be found in a public github repo here. On top of that, we've got quite some information on our website about promoting ownCloud at an event, including speaking tips and tricks. And I'd be happy to give you some support in person. If you need any materials for a show you're presenting ownCloud at, we have materials available, too!

And do you know any other events ownCloud should be at?

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