18 May, 2014

Open Governance Update

About 18 months ago, I put together a presentation on open governance for the Summit of New Thinking.

Last week, as a side event to LinuxTag, the European Community Leadership Summit took place, co-organized by +ben van 't ende, a friend of mine and fellow community manager. +Mirko Boehm and myself gave a talk about community governance. I unfortunately couldn't stay long enough to have proper discussions on the subject, but the presentations before and after ours were very inspiring (especially the one by +Ruth Cheesley).

A nice thing which came out of it for me was the notion that instead of 'rules' one should try to work with 'expectations'. Of course, it is 'just language' but the effect of that can be immense. Perhaps I should re-think my entire 'open governance' presentation ;-)

In any case, if you'd like to see the slides, they are here. Yes, I have a self-signed certificate. No, that doesn't mean my ownCloud is evil, you can trust me! (really)

The slides are probably not terribly useful on their own, though.

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