31 October, 2013

Living in Berlin? The Geeko comes to you!

Geeko is coming to Berlin! Javier Llorente arrived at my place and he is organizing an 'openSUSE meetup' this Saturday at C-Base, Berlin's most awesome Geek Spot. It starts around 17:00 and lasts until about 20:00 - but who knows what else will happen.

We will give an overview of what's new and then it is time for some testing and playing with the new release. We will bring some USB sticks with openSUSE 13.1 RC2, so if you bring a laptop to test it on that'd be awesome!

Even without laptops you're very much welcome - a bunch of Geekos meeting always results in fun, no worries about that. Anybody is welcome, even if you happen to run another distribution...

See you there!

EDIT: yeah, forgot to note that it is SATURDAY, not TODAY :(

We're sorry!!!!!!

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