22 March, 2013

Looking for a greener distribution?

Join the thundring herd of geekos!
Last week we released openSUSE 12.3 and the responses from the community and the press were better than ever before. Lots of journalists announced we've moved firmly in the top spot or top-three of favorite distro's and quite a few are running openSUSE now. Seeing the many blog posts, tweets, facebook posts and Google+ discussions, the community feels very much the same!

Now maybe you're not 100% happy with your current distribution. Maybe it isn't entirely stable or you sometimes would like it if things just worked. Or you worry about the decision making process and the future of your current choice. Maybe you don't want to wait for stuff to compile anymore.

I know, the technical differences between distributions are not huge. I'd even argue they are small - differences in philosophy and how they are developed are bigger, however. And I can imagine one feels more comfortable with a project which picks collaboration and sharing over secrecy and Not Invented Here. I know what I prefer. Technically, openSUSE belongs to the top distributions as well. And while nothing is perfect we at least make it darn easy to fix stuff without administrative sillyness.

So whatever the reason for looking somewhere else - I think it is fair to say that openSUSE should be on your short list of distributions to try.

To help with the trying, I called in help from our community and created an openSUSE introduction and a cheat sheet for moving over to openSUSE from a variety of other distributions. Check it out on news.opensuse.org!

As bonus, I'll just give you three links that'll be helpful getting your openSUSE up and running quickly:
And of course you can download openSUSE 12.3 on software.opensuse.org and find out what is new in the announcement.

Have a lot of fun!