12 February, 2013

Impressive popcorn

Yesterday, our little Popcorn had to undergo an operation on her knee. Of course we were very worried and when we got back a completely loopy doggy, Camila almost canceled her trip to Spain. But in the end, she entrusted our girl to my care.

This morning I gave Popcorn some time to sleep in and asked her if she was interested in talking a walk around 11:30. Well, she was - almost jumped out of the bed, which probably would've landed us right back at the hospital. Outside, she limped around like she didn't have a big surgery last night! The resilience of this little girl surprises me. I'll have to keep a close eye on her, if I don't she'll be walking stairs and jumping on stuff in no time and the doctor said she can't...

For your amusement, some pictures. No pictures of a drugged Popcorn, that's not appropriate for little children and besides, we didn't take any.

My girls :D

Running around like nothing's ever gonna take her down

"I usually can get under there so why wouldn't I be able to do that now? Sure I can..."

This is where she'll stay so I can keep an eye on her!

Time for a nap


  1. I don't understand why this should show up in Planet KDE...

    1. Because everybody loves Popcorn, duh...

    2. btw I would've expected a question about how in $DEITY's name Camila could trust me with Popcorn, not a question about why this was relevant to KDE. Of course it is, popcorn has met more KDE people in person than you ;-)

    3. @kjetil free software is not only about machines! Everybody have a heart! And we all should think more out of the box...get out of the computer sometimes, the world is way bigger than that...

    4. Well, Jos - I just don’t agree with the opinion (you seem to have) that since KDE people have met your dog the dog is relevant to KDE.

      Free software is definitely not only about machines. In my opinion it is actually the free document/file formats and protocols that are most important for society - they are the enablers which allow free choice of software. Anyway, that is a digression.
      More importantly, life is not only software or IT. That is why I visit http://www.archery.org and http://www.bueskyting.no to feed my need for news about my other past-time interest. Even if I was a KDE developer I would not post photos of the new longbow I made to Planet KDE.

      No biggie, I just think other channels should be used to update your friends and acquaintances about happenings that are first and foremost (not to say exclusively) about the non-KDE part of your life. I don't think anyone will suspect you of not having a non-KDE part of your life even if you never again publish a post that is not KDE-related.

      Now, lets move on to the next topic: World peace, how do we make that happen? ;-)

    5. Well, from the Planet-KDE guidelines: "Blog posts about personal subjects are also encouraged since Planet KDE is a chance to learn more about the developers behind KDE." - And I like to know more about KDE developers ^^
      (Also KDE devs like popcorn and popcorn likes KDE developers (I guess))

    6. if I had known this post had been about a dog and not KDE I'd never have looked it at. But since kde devs keeps using titles for their post regular people cannot use to predict the content of the posts I'm intrigued to read every post I cant figure out what the title means.

      Honestly, I thought this was gonna be a post about video-editing software.

      Mattias, is there annother aggregation of development related posts that does not contain developers personal subjects?

  2. Hey !
    Sorry for that, I hope get well soon!
    @ Kjetll: Yes, everybody loves popcorn! ;-)

  3. But jos did not need to show our mess ... and my mess when I just got out of bed ... he could be nicer to planet kde.

    1. You look cute and everyone has a mess. So be happy and don't worry ;-)


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