05 September, 2012

It's green and ready for you...


The greenest Linux distro has just released a new version. And a great one it is - solid (though not outdated) and well thought out.

The delay has given us an extra round of 2 months of bugfixing, making openSUSE 12.2 a very stable and dependable workhorse. Moreover, the availability of the tens of thousands of additional packages for openSUSE give developers and home users access to more up-to-date software, development libraries and more than any other distro has (200K is the # to beat).

Check out what's available on software.opensuse.org (courtesy of the openSUSE instance of the Open Build Service).

Get it

You can get openSUSE as usual on software.opensuse.org and upgrading your running system is easy. If you use our rolling release Tumbleweed you don't have to do anything!

KDE and openSUSE

I wrote an Sneak Peek of KDE software on openSUSE yesterday and Will wrote a GNOME one.
I also made a quick video:

Know that openSUSE ships with KDE SC 4.8.4 (update has 4.8.5), not 4.9 as we froze before that came out. The new release is available on OBS already and we'll probably do a re-spin of 12.2 soon.

Delay - and what we do to fix it

This release had to be delayed because of the growth of the openSUSE community and our failure to adopt and change our processes to deal with that. We didn't (and don't) want to introduce the formal bureaucracy & hierarchy most the large distro's have so we're currently looking how to handle things via OBS and in general in our tools.

Talk about the Future of Free Software

If you care about Linux and the future of one of the most important distro's and want to help in setting those future directions, you should join us at one of our two major events this year:
  • Starting only 16 days from now, The openSUSE Summit in Orlando, Florida, following the SUSE Con event. There will be many exciting workshops and talks on cloud computing, handling servers, an LPIC exam and much more.
  • And next month it's already time for the openSUSE Conference in Prague, where we are joined by the local LinuxDays as well as Gentoo and SUSE Labs and have a special feature track with talks by very interesting speakers including:
    • Thijs de Vries from Creative Seeds on Persuasive design & gamification
    • Shane Coughlan from Open Relief on using FOSS and open hardware for disaster relief (includes small guided aircrafts, really!)
    • Ramon Roca from the guifi project about the social implications of owning your network (Build Your Own Internet!)
    • Bas van Abel from Waag Society's Open Design lab on how you don't own something if you can't open it.
    And that's just a part of one day of one track, see a draft schedule here. There's only room for about 1200 people so register in time ;-)

CU there, hugs and have lots of fun!


  1. Is it possible to buy gecko from photo?

    1. We usually hand some out at conferences... Come to the openSUSE conference or Summit and you'll likely get one :D

      But no, we unfortunately don't sell them - handling that would be too much work, sorry. Maybe, some day - it's one of the things we'd love to do, get merchandise out in an easier way. Help with that is welcome!

    2. It's impossible for me this year. May be next conference with presentation of using openSUSE in scientific researches.

    3. Too bad! Next year, then. And try to come to one of the events openSUSE is present at - if you let me know beforehand I'll try to ensure we have geeko's at hand :D

      We're at pretty much all major events, see this page:


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