02 August, 2012

Berlin KDE Release Party

Heya all,

As you might have read on Lydia's blog, the Berliner KDE release party will happen at our place again. Address is on the Party Page. We'll have Pizza and you have to bring your own drinks (there's a 24H store downstairs so you can simply get a beer or coke there).

We'll start around 18:00 (order pizza between 18:30 and 19:00) and hang out until about 22:00 or so. I'm still not feeling well enough for a party until deep in the night, but there's plenty of place around where you can go afterwards if you want ;-)

Bringing laptops is allowed but far from mandatory. We'll be sure to have a device or two with the latest & greatest from KDE, of course (and I hopefully will get to show off my new laptop).

Oh, and there will be cake. Lots of it...

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  1. Hi
    With the release of Beta2 of openSUSE, you made a party. Now KDE 4.9 you make a party...

    I think that you are in it only for party time!!

    Just Have a lot odo fun!! ;)


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