14 February, 2012

Almost done!

Jay. More C&J house news, feel free to skip :D

So we're almost there. I have my work space set up:
Yes, I like Club Mate... *click*
The only thing still coming is a couch to replace these two:
Two bean bags in the work room *click*
Once that's in, we have everything and just have to do the hanging up of the last things and clean up in the guest room. Need a guest to make us do that - anyone care to visit Berlin?
Bloody mess! *click*
The couch in the living room is rather awesome imho - a good relaxing space.
The clean side of the living room *click*

More pics starting here...

The other nice piece of news is that I've got my N9. And a German mobile phone number. I'm very happy with my new gadget... and can recommend the N9 to anyone, it's a great device!

And Bruno send me an awesome hat:
Silly faces rock! *don't click*