14 February, 2012

Almost done!

Jay. More C&J house news, feel free to skip :D

So we're almost there. I have my work space set up:
Yes, I like Club Mate... *click*
The only thing still coming is a couch to replace these two:
Two bean bags in the work room *click*
Once that's in, we have everything and just have to do the hanging up of the last things and clean up in the guest room. Need a guest to make us do that - anyone care to visit Berlin?
Bloody mess! *click*
The couch in the living room is rather awesome imho - a good relaxing space.
The clean side of the living room *click*

More pics starting here...

The other nice piece of news is that I've got my N9. And a German mobile phone number. I'm very happy with my new gadget... and can recommend the N9 to anyone, it's a great device!

And Bruno send me an awesome hat:
Silly faces rock! *don't click*


  1. Hey Jos. Nice, but do you really think you will ever have any guests given the last picture of yours? :D

  2. Well, I know YOU won't be sleeping here any time soon... ;-)

    BTW, I'll be in Prague next week - Friday. We can drink beer together!

  3. Hm, beer make you gain ... weight :)
    but maybe its cause of the 'awesome hat'

    Praxis Verhuisdoos doesn't look German at all.

    Greetings from the other distro,

  4. Just a hint.
    Change your Free Software evangalist into evangelist (and I will follow what you preach again).

  5. You will miss the adventures with your old boiler ;)

  6. Good choice on the N9, i certainly love mine. Congrats on the move too.

  7. Nice, but have the windows on the background of you monitor position is really really bad for your eyes, if you use it during daytime.

  8. He, tnx RvP - yes, moving from NL means the moving boxes are quite Dutch :D

    @Arvi: what do you mean?!? Evangalist of what, then? I don't believe in allah/buddha/krishna/spaghettimonster/jesus/holy trees or other fairy tales, if that's what you mean...

    @Slangkamp: NO I WONT

    @jedibeeftrix: absolutely. I've been using it for a week or so now, and it ROCKS... Nokia's been very stupid to get rid of that and drink the MS koolaid.

    @anonymous: it is? I am thinking about hanging up a curtain, might be a good idea then...


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